We Are Herald Events!

We supply corporate clients, local councils community organisations and individuals with entertainment, training and education.

Our entertainments are extensive in theme and we will list some of them. But these are not comprehensive and we are amenable to devising themes and characters to suit your occasion.

We are a friendly, approachable company and we will not waffle you with corporate-speak or arty nonsense. It's just a job but it is important to us too.

If you don't see what you need in our shop window, contact us and we'll see what might be achieved for you.

Murder-Mystery shows

These are the mainstay of Herald Events. We employ trained actors who are well-versed in interactive performance. No am-dram types here!

We have period themes, from medieval to Jacobite along with many modern shows. We can also devise one to suit your occasion or you may simply go with one of our many tried-and-trusted themes.

All of them are very entertaining and they have been enjoyed by tens of thousands of people who have seen us these past ten years.

You can even attend in period costume which we can supply. Contact us with your needs and we will go above your remit to ensure it's a great night.

Sir Sean of Scotland

Connery lookalike/soundalike.

Company Presentations, Awards Ceremonies, Casino Nights, MC Duties, Voice-Over, Photo-Shoots, Birthday Surprises, he's VERY versatile! Ours is even Scottish, unlike our London competitors whose boys tend to keep their mouths shut! Can be accompanied by The Bond Girls for even more glamour.

Keep it Scottish book Sir Sean of Scotland!

Other Scottish themes

Jacobite nights, Celtic Wedding Ceremonies, Scottish Story-Telling we have QUALITY Scottish themes for all nationalities.

Pipers, Dancers, the works of Robert Burns and a lot of laughter, our Scottish entertainers are a cut above the usual tourist tosh. We can dress guests in traditional highland plaid and present the true feel of Scotland.

We even have a traditional Scottish Hallowe'en Show. No pumpkins on our shift!

Historical Events

Herald Events have Robert the Bruce, Queen Victoria, Rob Roy and a band of Jacobite Highlanders. Bruce can be alone or with his court of ladies, knights and jesters.

Family Fun Days, Tourist Events, Photo-Shoots, Corporate occasions. King Robert confers 'knighthoods' and 'ladyships' on the young 'uns but he also available for Historical Playlets. So it can be either 'fun' or 'gravitas'.

For corporate clients, Bruce is excellent at the meet 'n' greet, thereafter he tells of his role in the struggle for Scottish independence. The king is known for his great sense of humour and he interacts with the guests in jovial fashion. Unlucky 'volunteers' might be required to dress up and engage with him in hand-to-hand combat. Warning! Do not heckle him he carries a battle-axe. King Robert is a great ice-breaker at events but DO NOT OFFEND HIM.


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